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Has your child almost reached the school going age? If so, you must be spending long hours thinking and exploring different types of schooling systems to send your child to. After all, every parent dreams of seeing their children becoming successful people at some stage in life. UAE is a great place for a number of reasons. It is by far the best tourism spot in the region. It has one of the best and most professional schools in the whole Middle East. It all comes down to the type of education parents prefer to choose for their children.

Off course, having so many options to choose from is quite a difficult task. Parents have their work cut out as they have to choose just one out of so many options. The problem gets more complicated when you find it difficult shortlist international schools out of their local counterparts. You have a number of IB schools in Dubai along with schools that have developed proprietary curriculums for teaching children. Here is more on what to do before selecting the right school for your children:




The first thing you should pay attention to is the curriculum of the school. Doing so will let you understand if the curriculum is designed for easy understanding or not. Keep in mind considering the curriculum is one of the most important aspects of identifying the best school for your child. Recently, parents are finding the PYP learning style and curriculum very effective. They are looking to admit children to let them understand the PYP learning methods which are considered by many as a comprehensive way of learning. However, parents who tend to look for other options also have a number of different schooling systems to choose from.


Likewise, the faculty of the school is also looked at by parents. They’ll likely send their child to a school that has highly qualified and experienced faculty. On the contrary, parents who overlook at the importance of faculty often end up sending their children to an institution that they didn’t know much about. Keep in mind that it is a matter of choice and choices can be wrong at times. To make sure you don’t end up making the wrong choice, always pay close attention to the faculty of different schooling systems. Doing so will help you pick the right school to send your child to.

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