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Most experienced parents out there would testify to the fact that your child’s first day of nursery school might be harder on you than on him.  While getting ready for school and even after reaching there, you will find your precious bundle of joy whining, crying, screaming and so much more. On top of it all, there is the anxiety and the constant looking over the shoulder as you leave. Yes, even if you get your child enrolled at one of the best British schools in Dubai, there is always the chance that he will get upset like anything.

Reasons such as these deem it all the more necessary for you to have a better understanding of what you should expect on the first days of your child at nursery school. Believe it or not, but knowing this has the potential to make things a whole lot easier not just for you, but your child as well.

Things to know

The fact of the matter is that kindergarten schools have been going through the first day of school drill ever since they were established. It is safe to say that these years of experience gives them the potential to help parents and their children pass through this transition smoothly and effectively. They realize how hard the first day of nursery school happens to be for both children and their parents. It is for this reason that they choose to reserve fun-filled activities for the first day. This is basically meant to excite the children and make them want to come back the next day.

At times, the best British curriculum schools in Dubai will dedicate the day to showing children around so they can explore their school. This is meant to help them get to know the school better. Apart from that, they will know what and where things are. This will help take away the apprehension that they might have about the school building as well as their surroundings. To distract the kids, at times these schools dedicate the day to simple playing around. This makes it possible for the children to get to know each other as well as their teachers better. The one thing for sure is that there will definitely be a bit of play time so your child can get better associated with his class fellows and will find it a lot easier to go back to school the next day.