dfghjklfds December 14, 2017

Vehicle branding is an excellent way to spread the word about your company. But putting a decal without much planning can be disastrous and useless for you and your team. There are a lot of things that you need to take into account before you proceed with this initiative.

Also, you need to avoid pitfalls that would make your vehicle decals a disaster. So if you are planning on making this part your marketing initiative, be sure to avoid these mistakes when design a vehicle wrapping:

  • Very little and uninteresting design

The purpose of a vehicle decal is to catch attention and promote your company. So, if the design is not that noticeable, there is no use putting it on the vehicle. The design should be able to pique the interest of the target audience. Be sure that your graphic artist would use his creativity to create concepts that are arresting and turn heads once spotted on the streets.


  • Overwhelming elements

If too little design is frowned upon, same goes for too much and too overwhelming design. Sometimes, when the design has too many elements, it is hard to see what the real message is. A lot of companies providing window tinting in Dubai always warn their clients not to overdo their designs as it might not work for their cause. A clean but arresting design is the way to go when it comes to vehicle wrapping. Again, remind your graphic artists to use restraint when it comes to designing a vehicle decal.


  • Lack of branding

Branding is what separates you from your competitors, so it is a must that it should be used in all marketing collaterals that you are using, including your car decals. But sometimes, it got lost in all the design and concept. Do not forget to incorporate the branding on the design and make sure that it is apparent and noticeable.


  • Using of photos

There are a lot of vehicle decals that are using photos on their design. It may work for some, but it can get in the way of a good design. Moreover, photos will not boost your brand identity. It would be best to use graphics that would represent your company and your products and services.


  • Very little information is given

Vehicle decals and wrappings are used to provide information to the general public, which is why it is important that the contact details are apparent in the design. Giving little space for these details could mean lost opportunities for businesses.