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Some men are very particular of their wardrobe. As much as possible, these types of men prefer to keep it simple and classy. The lesser items they wear, the better. However, they need to wear some accessories to complete the look of the whole ensemble.

If you are shopping for accessories for a male friend, here are some must-have items they need to stash in their closet:


  • Sunglasses

Sunglasses have dual function in men’s wardrobe: as a fashion statement and eye protection. This is why it is a must that they have a couple of sunglasses on their wardrobe. When choosing a pair of sunglasses, be sure to check your wardrobe as well, so you will know what type of design would best fit your outfits. But also, do not forget the functionality. The main purpose of sunglasses is to protect your eyes. So do not just buy something that would complement your wardrobe, be sure it would serve the purpose.


  • Watches

This time-telling device has been part of any wardrobe and ensemble for the longest time. And like the sunglasses, it serves a couple functions other than to tell time – it is a fashion item.  For men and women, having two or more watches on their wardrobe is a must. These watches should go well with the outfits you have.


  • Jewelry

Most men are not very keen on wearing jewelry as might look a little tacky on them. But there are accessories and men’s jewelry in Dubai that are designed to complement a man’s wardrobe and personal style. So do not be afraid of investing on some pieces like necklaces, bracelets, and rings. These items can complete the ensemble and add a classic touch to your style.


  • Wallets

Wallets are more than just items where you stash your cash; it can be a fashion statement as well. But unlike watches and sunglasses, you don’t have to buy a couple of wallets for your ensemble. Just pick one that would speak of your personal style and has enough room to store your cash and cards.


  • Hats

Hats are underrated pieces can be a good addition to your wardrobe. Although not all ensemble require a hat, it would be best to add a couple of it to your closet for casual days. It can also serve as an added protection from the sun when you are outside. If hats are not your thing, a beanie can be an excellent alternative.

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